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    We are a small 14 unit complex located in NSW where bylaws were created to allow enclosing of balconies for some units. 8 units have enclosed from top floor to ground floors – just more than half.

    Drainage is via a pipe at one end that does not extend very far out and there is no “lip” on edge to contain water from cleaning windows, frames, & ceiling from salt and grime and it flows over the edge onto windows below (enclosed balcony windows) that then have this dirt on them.

    Minutes show tensions have risen for years since this unforeseen consequence of enclosing for some and not others – to the point where this majority can vote that no cleaning can be done on balconies – not even the glass railings – ever – and no pot plants allowed on balconies.

    Any compromise e.g. cleaning in the rain becomes heated with raised voices. Not ideal when these fixtures need cleaning for maintenance and aesthetic purposes.

    How can a by law for some then not allow others to maintain their common property ? What to do ? Any other buildings have this problem ? Thank you for any ideas.

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    Thank you for your replies – Austman is the most correct –  the single drain pipe takes some water (is located at one end) but as no lip to balcony edge any pot plant overflow from other end, or cleaning of balcony ceiling and glass railing splashes the enclosed windows below (with the grime too). We have tried only clean when it rains but the enclosed people still not happy…..professional cleaning will be expensive. Can the enclosed people be asked to window clean at their expense e.g. 4 times a year after a washdown for others – it was their by law to enclose and repair and maintain thereafter that affects all others. If washing at certain times when given notice they could book to maintain the windows from grime washed over, maintain window frames etc from salt & grime corrosion. What do you think ? Fair ?


    I suspect it’s not like others have suggested.  That the drain pipe drains only the balcony floors and will be useless to catch any water when cleaning the exterior glass of a glassed-in balcony?

    And worse, all the balconies, even the originals, now probably splash water down onto the exterior glass of the glassed-in balconies?

    Professional exterior window and balustrade cleaning for the whole building?

    It will be expensive but they will start from the top and work their way down.  For some buildings there’s no other option.




    I agree with Sir Humphrey. Work out a way of solving the drainage issue and implement it, no more tension.


    Sir HumphreySir Humphrey

    Sounds like the drainage pipes could be extended slightly and the whole issue would go away. Alternatively plumbed into a downpipe.

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