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    When we bought our unit ten years ago we decided that insuring its contents was unnecessary. This week a water pipe in the ceiling space above our unit burst and by the time it was fixed carpets and rugs in several rooms were saturated, and subsequently were considered unreastoreable by an experienced moisture control company.

    We feel that the body corporate is clearly liable, but understand its insurance policy, whose premium we share, coversĀ  repairs to walls and ceiling, but not carpets (contents).

    We expect the body corporate to accept its liability and moral responsibility to reimburse us for all repairs and replacements. Time will tell, but what do other owners feel? No doubt several have suffered a similar event.

    Comments re not insuring contents are also welcome. We believe it is a side issue only, that the entity which causes damage to property of others is liable and that insurance is a matter which either party chooses to use or not.

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