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    Hi Everyone

    Just wanted some advice

    I’m taking my strata to mediation over some damage to private property when a strata contractor damaged my property when he came to fix a common property defect

    In my mediation application to Fair Trading I wrote that strata has used owners funds to pay for other repairs to their own lots and other owners lots and friends lots which were much more expensive.  And that they had claimed on building insurance to fix their lots. In my application I attached some evidence to which backed my opinions for this, which I hoped to discuss at the mediation meeting.

    My strata manager decided to publish my mediation application to the owners corp without any of the attachments (including Fair Trading letter to me and my “evidence”)

    Today, a member of the executive committee came up to me and said he was going to sue me because I had accused him of “giving money to his friends and spending money on his friends!”

    I thought my application of mediation was just between strata & me.

    I thought the issues written in my mediation application were issues that I could raise in the mediation to be discussed with my strata manager, to help resolve my dispute.

    Why am I now being threatened with legal action over the contents of my mediation application?

    Is this legally possible?

    I feel really bullied and helpless


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