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    It started with a complaint from an exasperated reader who declared himself sick of all the negative Airbnb and holiday letting stories we run on Flat Chat.  But it’s not that this reader was in favour of unfettered holiday lets, far from it, but that people like us were faffing around, banging on about legislation and by-laws …

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    My home in South Yarra, Victoria, had about 10 people with coronavirus in March, and the building manager had no idea.

    I am an older person and on the advice of a medical person who knew about this I had to leave the home I own. Stay Home – Stay Safe is ridiculous mantra if you live in high density apartments.

    What happens when overseas tourists no longer have to quarantine in hotels, and private apartments are back in the quasi-hotel business? I have quoted from this story in an email to my owners’ corporation. Embedded fingerprints would make my home a much safer place; not only from coronavirus but from theft, damage to common property, noise and smells from unidentified tourists. My home is NOT a hotel, but Consumer Affairs in Victoria are not listening.


    The company who installed the system described here is Prox Access.  Click here for their website.


    Very entertaining reading. Thank you for that!
    I would be interested in suggesting the same to our OC members.
    Can you share the details of the security installer for that fingerprint system?

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