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    I’m currently in a share house situation where one of the tenants is also the landlord’s son. They will pop over for gardening and some cleaning every few weeks because frankly -their son is a lazy slob. I’m concerned because (in WA) I’d think that gardening is maintenance, and they should be giving every tenant reasonable notice of them showing up. But also, they could easily say they’re just “visiting” their son. Is this a situation where the landlord needs to grow up and accept that there are additional boundaries in this situation? Or have a waived any privacy because they are a guest?

    As an important note; they have also stated on the agreement under additional terms (directly through the landlord, not a RE agency) that “Due to the nature of the lessors’ son being one of the tenants, the lessor/s will visit from time to time, with his awareness of timing. Occasionally this will include an overnight stay. Usually this will also include the lessor doing some gardening. No assessment will be made of the property condition etc during these times.”

    While I know that I may have signed away my rights (not aware that they would never bother to tell me when they were coming, even though the son always knew at least the day before), I’m wondering if the notice is still required, as they conflict with the law, and therefore I can’t sign them away.

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