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    Our NSW based OC has been sent details of a company called BNBGuard:


    Reviews of their service much appreciated if you have experience with them.

    & NAYYY – just curious as to how effective & more importantly cost effective they are, particularly over time as I imagine any automated checking systems BNBGuard like services have would need to play a constant game of catch up when/if the hosting companies change their application programming interfaces.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I have just used them to a 29 unit block in the inner west of Sydney.

    They confirmed what we thought, that a new owner had his unit on Air B and B.

    we were able to send that to Council for enforcement action.



    Hi folks, I’m cofounder of BnbGuard and I’m happy to answer any questions about our service.

    – Yes, we constantly update our technology to stay on top of changes at the sites we monitor. We use only publicly available information and access points to the sites. 

    – We use more than two dozen data points when looking for matching listings. Photos are a key part of this. We’ve done a lot of work identifying the best features to use in comparing photos of rooms and exteriors of properties. 

    We currently have two service tiers – Standard (which monitors  just Airbnb, for $8 per property per month) and Premium (which monitors Airbnb and 11 more sites, for $41 per property per month). For both we notify you if we find a match, and send you a weekly wrap-up email.

    Based on customer feedback we will also soon offer a monthly and quarterly version of our two plans, for about 1/2 and 1/3 the cost.

    For all our plans, if you cancel within the first 30 days we’ll refund your money entirely. So it’s risk-free.

    For larger customers we can customise plans to suit. We offer volume discounts for >10 units, and special deals for entire buildings and property managers. If you contact us I’m happy to discuss these with you. 

    We also do once-off checks for property buyers. 

    @Happy Strata – I’m a landlord myself, and I found that doing the checks BnbGuard does across 12 websites takes just over 3 hours per time. It is also very boring. That’s why I decided to start BnbGuard. I was worried about my own properties and didn’t want to keep checking all these sites all the time. I have better things to do with my time.

    We do check thoroughly, doing multiple kinds of searches on each site to work-around its quirks. Until you reverse engineer the sites’ search algorithms, you don’t realise how much you may be missing. We have found new matches for property managers who had a junior staff member checking for them, because it really is harder than people think to do it properly.

    I realise we’re not for everyone, but we do address a real need. Short-term holiday rentals are only going to get more common and more of a problem in our major cities, and we believe a growing number of these will be illegal.



    @Happy Strata said:
    Having a knowledge of what our apartment layouts are (where windows / doors / walls are and what bathrooms look like) means I can positively identify if they are in our complex and commonly narrow it down to a couple of apartments based upon the aspect.

    Heh. Yes, this is key. We spend more time every month checking as the area we’re in has many hundreds of listings & yes, address hiding in the listings is a growing problem. Speaks volumes as to the legitimacy of the enterprise if you have to disguise its location…

    We have a few committee members who check listings. Our front desk staff are fantastic at asking pertinent questions of any people looking very lost in the foyer or who hang about outside waiting to do the key exchange.

    Anyway don’t want to diss BNBGuard out of hand so very curious as to how their service works beyond the blurb.

    Happy Strata

    After seeing an article for BNBGuard I spent time on their website, and came up with the same questions as both thara and TruleEConcerned. When I saw it was $41 per month (ex GST) for a single landlord (with possibly multiple properties), I assumed the worst for the cost for a OC with more than 100 lots. 

    Every month I spend about twenty to thirty minutes reviewing the listings for my suburb on the main short term accommodation websites putting in a variety of date ranges to try to pick up any apartments in our complex on the sites.

    Having a knowledge of what our apartment layouts are (where windows / doors / walls are and what bathrooms look like) means I can positively identify if they are in our complex and commonly narrow it down to a couple of apartments based upon the aspect. I would be very surprised if a piece of software could do the same without being “trained” in what to look for specifically. 

    I look forward to hearing if any Flat Chatters have had a real world experience with them. 


    I have not used them and wonder how they can identify your particular property. Say you own an apartment in a block and your tenants decide to “host” guests via AirBnB. As my tenants did.

    The adverts I see online at airbNb do not list the number of the apartment let alone the building number. So how exactly can anyone identify your property other than if the tenants are using photos of items/rooms with which you alone are familiar?

    I can’t see much value in paying someone $43.40 to follow up on your tenants on 3 active sites.

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