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    unit complex in Qld

    132 units

    1 caretaker

    7 committee members 

    Issue: the caretaking entity has managed to buy off four committee members & at the upcoming AGM will have 7 paid for members in position.

    Caretaking incentives; paid for holidays.

    Reducion in fees.

    Guaranteed first on list to be rented. 

    The list goes on.

    The caretakers objective: 

    1- remove previous RAN (Remeadial action notice)

    2- place rights up for sale without issues from committee.

    3- obtain extension to agreement to add financial increase to sale. 

    Actions of caretaker;

    constant communication to lot owners in his rental pool defaming & running lengthy smear campaigns agains all who apose him. (Backed up by the paid for committee.

    Q-what are we trying to do to benefit all lot owners?

    1-changing from accommodation module to Standard module. This reduces the caretaking rights from 25trs to 10trs.

    2-Have the issues in the RAN addressed by the committee & caretaking entity.

    3-Have the committee enforce/address non compliance of the agreement between BC & caretaking entity.

    Our Biggest hurdle;

    out of 132owners, 10 Care about their units, only 3 live onsite.

    15 are paid for by the caretaking entity.

    the rest are non committed and so long as their rent keeps coming in. 

    Caretaker has 80% of rental Poole & pushes to the point of bullying for the other 20%.

    caretaking entity paid @ $195000 Per annum to carry out duties in the agreement.

    By not performing duties listed in the agreement the caretaking entity saves approximately $90,000 (we estimated this with professional assistance). 

    Our complex is looking dirty, tired & run down. The appartments are now selling for $170/180k as Aposed to 270k off plan & $360K after completion. The complex is 10yrs old.

    just a small (simple example). 

    Owner complains dead plants be reinstated under the agreement.

    caretaker refused, confronts the owner continuously attempting to bully. 

    Committee attacks owner, until owner backs down. 

    Another owner is offered a free trip to Singapore if he supports the caretaker in next upcoming AGM.  This owner is reluctant to confront this issue at AGM through a motion because of being targeted and bullied. 

    What it looks like will happen:

    Motion to change to Standard Module will be rejected.

    Extension to agreement will be granted.

    Caretaking entity will sell the rights at an inflated price.

    New caretaking entity will purchase the rights believing the complex is/will remain in current condition and the agreement was adhered to previously.

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