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    Our letter box area is constantly littered with bunches of brochures that are dumped there by deliverers who can't be bothered shoving them into the letterboxes.  Very messy.  Can anyone advise how to address this issue, e.g. does the Council have a responsiblity in this regard?  I might add that a number of the residents of this new block of units just toss their unwanted junk mail on the footpath….I suspect others have similar problems and may have found good solutions.  Any advice would be appreciated.Frown

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    A notice saying “No junk mail or brochures to be left outside mailboxes – litterers will be prosecuted” might do the trick. Or call up the companies who are advertising and tell them that the distributors are dumping their brochures on your property and if it doesn’t stop you’re going to organise a boycott of their businesses AND have them done for littering. Do a quick survey to find out if anybody actually wants these brochures and if not, put up a sign saying “No junk mail”. Anyone else with any other ideas?


    We have had a similar problem not just with brochures but with phone books.  Am in a townhouse complex and they used to leave phone books at each individual front door.  Now, they leave them “dumped” in the driveway or in the garden area, exposed to the weather.

    The last time, they leave 50% more books than there were townhouses in the driveway blocking access to letterboxes.  Phone calls from EC and Strata Manager to have them removed – again!

    Noticed the same thing with brochures now.  Put into each letterbox and another 20 or so left on top of the letterboxes, unsecured and left to blow in the wind!  And therefore for us to clean up.


    They make good mulch material if you have a garden. If you dont then, no Junk mail sign is  a good start – bear in mind some of the people who deliver these tend not to read.


    Tried the No Junk Mail approach.  Put a letter in each of our mail boxes asking anyone who wants to put a sign on their box to pay the $5 cost through the Owners  Corporation box and I will purchase and adhere same.   Got a reasonable response and litter issues have definitely dropped…but not completely! If time permits am ringing the brochure providers to let them know their deliverers are dumping, but it's all a lot of hard work.

    Thanks though to all of you for your help. 

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