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    I bought a new apartment almost five years ago. At the time the building inspector pointed out a few issues such as water leaking onto my carspace from a pipe above as well as flashing problems on doors etc.

    The builder agreed to fix these as part of the conditions of me signing the contract.

    Fast forward a year and the problems were still not fixed. Not only that but it was found that the waterproofing hadn't been done properly anywhere in the block of 22 units including bathrooms, laundry areas, flower beds, and balconies, including the sliding doors. Problems range from water running down interior walls when it rains to rotting architraves, lifting tiles etc

    Lawyers have been consulted and are unable to tell from the paper trail who the identity of the builder was – the most likely culprit has been deregistered. We cannot make a claim against the builder unless we make an application to the Supreme Court to re-register the company.

    We are not covered by HOW Insurance as the building is four stories in its central block.

    So, basically I just want to know if there's anything we can do between a lengthy, hopeless, drawn out, expensive legal process or paying for it ourselves?

    And what group, organisation, cause etc can I join to petition the laws to change so this doesn't keep happening to people? I hear so many similar stories once I start telling mine.

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