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    I have evidence that this has occurred recently.  The contractor was engaged to provide remedial building works to our ageing building for about $30,000 of work, and the government “find a contractor” online query indicates that this contractor is not licenced.  The ExCo may or may not be aware of this.  One of the ExCo brought the Building Manager into our strata plan, and has a very close relationship with the Building Manager.

    What do I do now?

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    I hear you, Whale.

    But it is less about pursuing those unlicensed contractors ( I couldn’t care less about them now they are gone) and more about building a case for the censure and/or dismissal of our Building Manager.  He actively collects proxies for the Chair, telling people who they should vote for or why.  For the confused pensioners in our building, he asks them to just sign a blank proxy over to him.

    Recently, he has been arrogant enough to approach an owner who is friendly to me, to offer him the position of Chair of the Exco at the next AGM!


    Good on you Poirot, but unless you have the energy to regularly wind-up the desk-bound sleuths at the NSW Department of Fair Trading, don’t expect any worthwhile result there any time soon!

    Depending upon your Building Manager’s terms of appointment and their duties, you may have a case against them also.


    Their paperwork had no licence numbers and no ‘phone numbers, only an ABN.  The mobile phone numbers of the two dodgy contractors have since been disconnected. 

    The Master Builders Association of NSW has never heard of them, and advised none of their members would ever have done such a dodgy unwarrantable partial waterproofing job.

    I have forwarded the case, including invoices, to the Department of Fair Trading, and they have been sufficiently piqued to sic their compliance team on to them.

    Those guys also provided 24/7 private security services for our building for a week or so.  They do not appear to be licensed to provide security services either.  I have provided the details to the NSW Police Security Licensing & Enforcement Directorate.


    Before you or we go too much further, perhaps check that you’ve searched for the individual and not their company or trading name, and that the contractor is not working under someone else’s License.

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