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    Hello – my name is Fred. This post does not concern my own tenancy, but that of my neighbour, who is 70 and doesn’t speak English very well. Let’s call him Bob.

    Bob tells me that his landlord is threatening him with eviction if Bob complains to the ‘Health Inspector’ about the condition of his $220 a week rental studio (a large house is subdivided into four apartments). There is mould, apparently, and other unspecified health hazards. It’s difficult for Bob to explain accurately what the problems are, but I know a previous tenant in an adjoining apartment in the same house had to move out recently because of mould issues.

    Is there a ‘health inspector’, or is it the Tribunal (NCAT)? What is a tenant doesn’t speak English? Can someone help them write a letter that explains things clearly? I want to help, but Bob isn’t the brightest tool in the shed, so things are unclear.

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