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    Hi everyone,


    Buying a unit is slowly appear on my radar, but also the ability to have a pet.


    1. What is the best way of ensuring an existing unit/strata scheme is allowed to contain pets? I assume this would be covered by a pre-purchase strate report.
    2. If buying off the plan, are you able to get a legal guarantee that when the strata scheme is established that pets will be allowed?



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    You're right about item one – a thorough strata search will tell you if there are any issues with pets – but I would be wary of buying off the plan.

    The whole Flat Chat catastrophe started because my wife and I bought an apartment off the plan  having been assured it would be pet friendly, only to turn up at the first AGM to discover the chairman and his cronies had plans to change the by-laws and ban all pets. 

    One year later, after a bitter, bitter battle, chairman and cronies were gone.  Not only did they lose the pet battle, they had stupidly united disparate people who also sacked our incompetent and corrupt building manager – and pets were allowed.  Had that not happened, we faced losing our cats or losing our home. So I would say be very wary of buying into a building when you don't know for sure if pets are allowed – and that would include all off-the-plan purchases.


    I bought my place off the plan.  Was there for the first AGM where we decided our by-laws – including pets.  Our SM advised us to allow pets within reason (ie not large dogs).  SM said that to say no could lead to a long drawn out battle and best to allow small animals.  So far no problems and being pet friendly seems to be a big selling point judging on how fast places here sell and usually for above asking price.

    So if you buy off the plan you don't know what the pet policy will be until it is in place.  You could be buying into a complex of people who don't want to have pets like downsizers – don't want lawns or pets to take care of anymore.  Or professionals who simply do not have the time to take care of a pet.

    If you already have a pet, could be risky.  But if you don't, you could see how things go and put your two cents worth in at the first AGM.  Let others see that though they may not want pets, when they sell in the future the next owner might.


    I bought off the plan and had my two dogs and cat written into the contract and made sure they had option (a) ie exec permission required but cannot reasonably refuse..in by-laws.

    Once you in, it is difficult for them to turf you out.

    Who wants to live without pets.

    However, buying off the plan – very risky!

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