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    Hi all,

    I’m a lot owner and a committee member of a strata scheme in Sydney NSW. Our complex consists of 18 units. We are looking at changing our Strata Manager and i have got a support from 11 lot owners out of 18 and 3 of them have not been contacted yet.

    Unfortunately i have a legal obstacle to deal with as i cannot call a General Meeting as i am not a secretary. Our Strata Committee consist of 6 people and unfortunately the Chairman, the Secretary and another person are ganging up together, while on the other side i only have 100% support from another commitee member and the last one is usually neutral although they are more keen to take my side its just they don’t have a strength to do so.

    I have found that if over 25% of the lot owners agree to call a general meeting with an agenda to terminate the existing Strata and appoint a new one, the secretary must act. I have emailed her and explained that i have 25% of the lot owners requesting the general meeting but i have received no response. I was wondering what the next step will be? I guess i will be contacting our Strata Manager and request that he organise the meeting based on my support of over 25% of the lot owners. My question is how can i prove that i have over 25% support from lot owners, would just a copy of their email to me saying “I, John John owner of unit 2 bla bla st, request that general meeting be held for our strate scheme no 1234 with an agenda to terminate “Current Strata Manager” and appoint “Future Strata Manager”.


    I have everything ready, completed notice of general meeting, copy of minutes of last AGM and proposed contract from future Strata Manager.

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