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    Can a Strata Committee take a visitor car park space, divide it up and use part for bikes and give the rest to an adjoining car space without going to a general meeting?

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    The first answer that springs to mind is another question.  Was the number of visitor parking spaces part of the Development Approval? If so, they need to go back to council and get approval first.

    As for “giving” the space to the owner of an adjoining space, that is giving away common property. You should find out the average cost of a parking space rental in your area and the benefitting owner should be offered the space at that rate or just below, calculated proportionately.

    Otherwise the OC could create motorbike and scooter parking which they could let to residents.

    And finally, yes, it would require approval at a general meeting.

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    By any chance does the ‘adjoining car space’ which will benefit from this alteration of common property belong to a member or chairperson of the strata committee who is pushing for this proposal?

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