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    I am in a strata block where numerous hot water systems have been installed on the exterior of the building without approval or by-laws.  However, when I requested permission to put mine in the roof space I was told I needed to get a by-law and when I questioned whether this also applied to systems affixed to the exterior of the building, the (useless) strata manager said yes.

    I think I read somewhere in this website that the best way to manage this would be to get a generic bylaw drawn up by the Owners’ Corporation (at OC expense) to cover my proposed installation, all future ones, and to retrospectively cover the ones already installed.

    That seems to be a fair response to the history of differential application of strata laws to different lot owners, especially favouring a majority owner who owns 8 out of  12 units. Is this is a common approach?

    I’m trying to find something in writing to take to the OC.

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