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    We have an Extraordinary General Meeting coming up soon in our Sydney block of 36 with just the one meaningful, highly contentious topic on the agenda to approve a By-Law for a renovation.

    I want my vote to count, but for various reasons I don’t want to 1. go to the meeting, 2. give my vote as a proxy to anyone else or 3. give my vote to the Strata Manager. I would consider giving it to the Commitee Secretary, but do not want to discuss anything and hence don’t know if he already has one proxy which would rule him out.

    The NSW Office of Fair Trading just told me by phone (after a wait fo 2o mins at 8:35am!) if our strata has approved electronic voting, which it has, I can simply email my proxy to the Strata Manager without assigning it to a particular. The conversation was quite jovial and casual and to be blunt I don’t trust this advice.

    Can I email my vote to the SM as suggested, please?

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