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    Hi , I was wondering if anyone can answer this question , our car park committee is trying to enforce restrictions on my own car space.

    We live in a 2 bedroom flat with a one and half car space. To enter the car park we need a swipe to open the gate. Then when the gate opens we can then drive into our allocated car space.

    The problem is … car park committee is trying to restrict us to a 1 swipe 1 car park rule. This policy is causing a lot of heartache . As we have a 20 year old son and myself and husband living in the apartment and we share our car space. We are just asking for 3 swipes to enter our own car space.  If my husband and myself go away for the weekend our son can not access our car space as we may only have 1 swipe.

    As far as I know there is no by laws, and now the car park commitee are threatening to deactivate the 2 additional swipes that we have. With out notice.

    I never thought it would be soooooo difficult to live in an apartment and a small carpark committee control your life.

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    Take your working card down to Mister Minit (or any key cutter) and see if they can clone it.


    The first thing that occurs is why do you need three swipes for two cars? Is it the same swipe for the front doors?

    Apart from that, unless there has been some by-law breaching behaviour, you strata committee is over-reaching by demanding that you don’t allow access to your son and his car.

    However, if he is permanently parking in a visitor space, that’s another story.

    But in summary, you are entitled to write to the committee and ask what the problem is and what is the outcome they desire.  If the “problem” is a member of your family coming and going as they please, and using your car space  when you aren’t using it, they’d better gird themselves for an embarrassing backdown when NCAT tells them to get back in their box.

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