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    We have a new situation at our self -managed block (9 lots). Our AGM was held last month and one of the owners who was absent from that AGM (postal issues) wishes to be added to the Owners Committee (3 members presenlty). I have not encountered this before and my reading of the Act mentions only voting at an AGM, or in the event that an existing committee member retires?  Can you advise please?

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    If you followed correct procedure at your AGM, you would have asked the owners to vote on the number of members there should be on the committee.  If they said 3, than that’s what you’re stuck with until your next AGM.  If you didn’t follow that procedure, then your owners are making it up as they go anyway, so just have a quick ringaround to find out if anyone objects.

    Why would you even do that?  Becasue if someone does object then they have a ready-made stick to beat you with if the committee makes decisions they don’t like.

    Strata committeees don’t need to faollow the law … until they do.


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