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    We need a copy of the Invoice for work done on patio above us.  Strata Manager uncooperative and details not on Portal.  The work done does not comply with recommended remedial work and a copy of the Invoice is essential in progressing the refusal of the Strata Committee to carry out recommended works.

    Help greatly appreciated.

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    I have similar problems with the portal not containing ALL the documents that should be there.

    If I were you, I would email a polite request to the Strata Mgr as follows:

    “Dear Strata Manager,

    I write from (insert your unit number here).

    You may recall I recently sought details of a pmt made by the Owners Corporation (via the Strata Committee) for work on a patio (insert unit number here). Specifically I am after a copy of the relevant invoice, paid on or around (insert date).

    Sadly, I cannot locate this invoice on the portal to which I was directed. Please inform me where on the portal is it located. Maybe I was not using the portal correctly?

    In the event that the invoice is not on the portal, please indicate when I can access the strata records, which I presume are kept in your office. Surely the original invoice is located amongst those files.

    I look forward to your reply”.

    Copy the email to the person on the strata committee you believe pulls the strings. That way, your email,  sent to two parties makes it hard for both to sit on it and ignore it. After all, could they both say they didn’t receive it?

    Good luck.



    Arrange a meeting at the strata manager’s office telling them you would like to view the invoice. It’s a set fee of less than $40.  Then use your phone to photograph or scan the invoice (to avoid paying their inflated photocopying charges) and take it from there.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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