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    A resident in the neighbouring unit block regularly works on his car out back, revving his fairly constantly in his garage, with petrol fumes coming out and wafting up into my windows. The noise and fumes are really hideous. And given that I work from home (and he is at home during most days), this is really unpleasant.

    Do I have any rights to request that he please stop this?  Just to clarify, he does not live in my strata block, he lives in the block next door.  Both he and I are on our respective strata committees.

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    You could get your committee to write to his committee, asking them to take action against their resident.

    When they refuse (which they probably will, since he is on it) you could try mediation and Tribunal action under Section 233 of the Act (dispute between stratas) the dispute being that they aren’t fulfilling their duty to control the behaviour of their residents.

    I don’t know if this will fly, but at least it’s something to consider.

    Meanwhile have a look at this EPA brochure about noise and this one about vehicle noise and this web page about all kinds of pollution and see if you have grounds for complaints to the EPA (which I would do anyway since they may know a way of curbing this that we haven’t considered).

    Good luck

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