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    Sydney 1960’s Eastern Suburbs Red Brick Strata Block of 12. I am on the OC.

    I am looking to replace the 1960’s single timber door/windows with a modern safe sliding door.

    The original single timber door/window frames are worn out and have significantly passed it’s life expectancy. They let in road noise, have dangerous 3mm 1960’s glass and the whole opening is showing signs of rot as well as water ingress.

    I know that pre-1974 strata means the balcony space and subsequently the doors are lot property, not common space. In this case it’s my responsibility, not strata. My questions are the following;

    1) Can I change this without notification?
    2) Would I advise Strata Manager of the proposed change?
    3) I note there are no by-laws regarding to cosmetic changes that I’ve seen

    If for some reason the other member of the OC rejects my proposal (the single other person), would I need to take this to a vote at an EGM or go straight to NCAT?

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    Thanks. I’ll prepare everything on my side (quotes, timeframes, etc) before going to Strata/OC (which includes me).

    Do you have any information on window glazing that does not meet code?


    Yes, the doors are probably your responsibility but even so you should inform the committee and/or the strata manager of your plans.  Their one valid objection might be that your doors would change the external appearance of the block.  I stress “valid”, because strata being strata, people will pull nonsense laws out of their backsides just to stop people doing what they want.  But be open and upfront, and listen to any concerns and you should be fine.

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