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    I just found out that strata levies have not been paid for 3 quarters for a townhouse we rent out. We have an Agent who manages everything including payment of levies. He receives all the mail including levy notices.

    There has been a change in Agency ownership(staff the same) Strata Manager continued to sent notices to old agent.Strata manager stated emails have not bounced back.

    According to agent strata manager was nofied of change. Who is responsible for payment of interest payable on overdue payments. Quite a bit at a rate of 10%pa. Any thoughts?

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    The 10 per cent penalty notice is a statutory amount but the owners corp can decide to waive it if you ask them to.

    And even if they don’t you can apply to the Tribunal if you think they should have waived it because it was a genuine error.


    Shouldn’t the Agent be responsible. The agency ownership changed. The actual staff handling my property did not change. I was told that although there was an agency ownership change everything would be as before.

    Also, I was just advised by the Strata Manager that the only way interest can be waived is to present a motion at a General Meeting for the Owners Corporation to vote on.


    Yes, but the committee could waive the interest charge subject to approval at the next general meeting. And, yes, the agent has to take some responsibility for not paying the levies on time.

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