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    Hey all,

    “X” is a tenant. Her friend, “Y”, who she hasn’t seen in 20 years wants to move in with her and is happy to join her as a co-tenant.

    “X” wants to know what is her liability towards:

    1. The rent would be after “Y” is added to the lease, in the event that “Y” doesn’t contribute her 50% of the rent. That is, are co-tenants jointly & severally liable? and

    2. In the event that “Y” damages say the some items in the unit and soon after walks out, will “X” (whose name alone is currently on the bond, but may be changed to allow for both co-tenants) be on the hook for her friend’s damage?

    I found no clarity in s.54 of the Residential Tenancies Act. Can someone please clarify? Or is there another section of that Act to refer to? Thanks.





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