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    As regular readers will know, for the past few weeks I have been offering recipes in what I called my Comfort Food Kitchen.

    The idea was to offer simple recipes for non-cooks trapped in lockdown and needing an alternative to delivered meals.

    In that time, I have had one response, from a reader who liked my recipe for Cullen Skink (Scottish smoked fish and potato soup) and even suggested trying it with cauliflower to cut down on the carbs.

    Otherwise, the online radio silence made me wonder if anyone was actually reading the stuff, let alone cooking it.

    So I checked and it turns out you were but not, it must be said, in the kind of numbers that would prevent restaurants from re-opening.

    However, one recipe rated way above them all, and that was my guacamole.  It drew almost double the number of readers of the next most popular – mashed potatoes, if you must know.

    The least popular was pizza toast and for that I blame Dominos – why make fake pizza when you can have a real one delivered?

    So this week, I will retire the Comfort Food Kitchen, since you will all be out having picnics anyway.

    But, gosh, you’d have loved my chilli prawn risotto.

    This was originally the intro to this week’s Newsletter.

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    After reading you only had one response to your recipes, I thought I should weigh in. I made your tandoori salmon recipe and it was really nice, I used the goan cuisine marinade that you recommended.
    I served it with rice and fresh asparagus, topped with lemon juice and coriander. My husband said it was restaurant quality which he rarely says about my cooking.
    When I went to Harris Farm I got the last bottle of tandoori marinade and wondered if this was because lots of people had read your recipe and it was now flying off the shelves!
    It’s been tandoori madness at my place lately, I’ve also made tandoori chicken legs, tandoori beef rissoles and tandoori beef sausage rolls, all very nice!
    Thanks for posting your recipes and for the flat chat forum which I have found to be an excellent source of information.
    ps: was looking forward to the chilli prawn risotto.😿
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