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    My query covers many topics I have already read here. I had to start a new topic.

    We have paid an enormous amount in legal bills over one small issue. The few costs disclosures do not cover it by over a hundred thousand dollars!

    How does anybody have a hope with a closed shop?

    The main issues are Crusted On committee, dereliction of duty to financially manage, and an unholy alliance with the strata managers to quash any complaints and make sure they hold their positions, year upon year.

    The obvious solutions don’t work.eg:

    1 Ask for a motion at the ECM or SCM as it’s now called.

    They don’t have meetings. One year we went without one for the whole year.

    The meetings including the AGM are orchestrated and minuted by the strata manager, and the minutes are often totally incorrect. Even down to narrowly contested and heartily argued motions being recorded as unanimous, and motion minutes worded differently to the actual motion, which entirely changes their outcome to the opposite intent of the vote.

    Too many to list.

    The more trouble the strata manager gets us into, the more the committee hides, knows that they are largely responsible, and they cover each other’s collective arses.

    Where to from here? Help!

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