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    I’m an owner occupier of a ground floor unit. The committee decided without my knowledge to paint the foyer walls and all unit doors, requiring removal of security screens and numbers.
    I contacted the committee manager saying I didn’t want my door painted. My reason is I’ve had a lot of recent health issues and I’m constantly going to medical appointments at hospital, and I’m often not in.  There are more important issues within my unit that need repairs first. Quite frankly the entire building is crap and should be demolished.
    The committee manager bullied me ( knocking and calling on phone)into removing my security screen as I was on my way out. She wanted my keys. I didn’t want to leave keys with someone I don’t know well, nor do I have anyone else to trust ( I’m a pensioner).
    I can’t leave my door open for the paint to dry if I’m not in, and strata and the painter will not take responsibility if something goes missing.
    How can Strata keep forcing me to have things done that are not really important in the grand scheme of things, and what can I do?

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    I understand your concerns

    However the Owners Corporation is responsible for the repair and maintenance of common property. Yourfront door forms part of the common property.

    Whilst it may be the door to your lot, you don’t have much of a say about it.

    The Owners Coprporation also has the right to enter your lot in order to carry out repairs and maintenance.

    Having a member of the committee contact you is not bullying or harassing. They are just trying to carry out their function.

    Perhaps a calm conversation with the committee member stating your concerns could lead to a mutually satisfactory result.

    As I have been told in the past, in this  case, resistance is futile.


    David Ng

    The committee has many tasks and maintenance is always contentious.

    The best way to be informed is to be involved. And if you’re positively involved then you’ll have a greater say.

    By this I mean not arguing every point or being the wet blanket whenever something is proposed. If there is something you’re not happy with, raise it in such a way that your alternative is viable, and addresses the matter at hand.

    So attend AGMs and every other meeting that may be held. Maybe even run for Committee if you’re prepared to work hard. You might even be able to suggest how to get other members of the Owner’s Corporation to listen to communications using your experience.

    And remember that you’re a member of the Owner’s Corporation so you have a say. even more importantly you have the right (and responsibility) to listen.

    If the painter is delayed and has to return, your funds will pay for it, so save your money, get involved and get results.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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