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    Me and wife are owners of a unit in Sydney! Wifes on the commitee,and we have a majority of committee members holding EC positions who are not willing to vote to serve a notice to an errant tenant,who has been flouting by law of hangng clothes on balcony.

    He has received many warnings and a notice from the previous SM in 2012. Whats different is that one of the EC member is a friend of his and has got the other members to vote against giving a notice to comply.

    The SM says he needs a majority to serve notice. The EC members are least bothered with the upkeep of the block,and are only interested in getting their friends as contractors for cleaning,bins and other needs!

    Wife and another lady owner on committee, don’t know what to do since they don’t have a majority agreement. Isnt there something that can be done when the committee goes rogue and isn’t enforcing by laws?

    Despite all this,the errant tenant,emboldened by this one comm.member is hanging clothes on the balcony despite many warnings from SM. Our plan has a by law in place against hanging of clothes on balcony,especially since its in front of building. Please advise!

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