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    Hi again everyone,

    Just wondering if anyone has had any success in engaging a local council to provide parking managment in their complex?

    What were the costs? Is is suitable for a smallish complex of 14 units??

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    Well done! Can I ask if it’s an open-air or enclosed car park, and what constitutes illegal parking there?


    We have engaged Canada Bay council rangers to enforce parking in contravention of signs by issuing fines only.


    I enquired with the City of Sydney abount managing our parking space. Looking at their terms and conditions, you can have no existing issues with parking and parking must have unrestricted access. Try ticking those 2 boxes. I guess it is just easier to ticket cars for expired tickets on the street.


    Ha! Yes the air con meeting of the entire OC.

    Our parking is widespread and obstructive. Emergency vehicles could not get through at all times.

    I’ll be calling council to enquire. And will post if I discover anything that may be of interest.



    I assume you mean the Act (Strata Schemes Management Act) and not the ACT.

    I know of only a couple of instances where this has occurred in Sydney and that has been because of rogue parking on common property access roads that was potentially going to block access by emergency vehicles.

    Councils will not manage parking in covered parking areas because of safety concerns and are reluctant to go into other schemes because of the cost-benefit issues. The occasional rogue parker in a strata scheme, plus the hassle of ticketing every breach – such as people parking slightly over their lines, which they are obliged to do –  means it’s not worth their time and energy.

    If anyone knows of a scheme where this is working effectively, please let us know.  But to be honest, smart and diligent use of exisiting laws and by-laws mean this can all be better handled in-house.


    There are provisions in the ACT that allow for it but it comes at a price as council charges a fee for the service and that is usually enough to put off the descisions makers. The fines go into to state coffers as well so no benefit there. It’s probably doable for large strata plans with large funds to play with, more so than small plans like yours but you could always propose it at your next air con meeting!

    From Fair Trading

    A council can provide a strata scheme with parking management services for a fee. This means council rangers can issue parking infringement notices just like they do on public streets. If someone disagrees with receiving a notice, they can:

    • contact the council to dispute it, or
    • have the Local Court deal with the matter.
Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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