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    Can anyone advise on driveway crossovers – they’re the bit of concrete (usually) that runs over council land and connects the driveway of your property to the road.

    We’re a 1970s northern Sydney beaches three-storey block of fewer than 20 units, of which only about two-thirds have on-site parking. There’s no visitor parking.

    It’s not unusual for cars to scrape or “bottom out” if they hit the existing crossover head on from the street, but it’s easily negotiated if you angle your approach.

    You need council permission to upgrade or replace crossovers with an approved “bridge”. With council inspection fees of about $2.5k, the exercise can easily cost $10k.

    Given that this is not common property (it’s council’s) and that our existing crossover isn’t in need of repair, is the strata committee (SC) in order approving a new crossover?

    [Never mind for now that no notice of any SC meeting or minutes of any decision have ever been issued; or that the SC that has approved the work now is the same one that rejected a request from a tenant-resident five years ago, saying they’d only consider it if he paid for it; or that no application appears to have been made to council.]

    None of the SC members I’ve asked has come up with an explanation for why the work is now a priority.

    I’d rather the funds were spent on the likes of repairing spalling arch bars – which actually are common property.

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    Most councils now charge the land owner for installing and servicing these crossovers. So whilst technically it’s not common property, it is the responsibility of the land owner , in this case the Owners Corporation.

    Again whilst the crossover is not common property, my bush lawyers hat would say it should be treated as such. Therefore in my opinion a special resolution under S108 of the act would need to be passed for these works.

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