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    I am interested in buying a unit of a building that is about 2 years old. From reading the strata report, the executive committee has commenced the process of obtaining a defects report of the building. Is this common practice for newer buildings or is this a warning sign to stay away. What are the implications if I buy the unit and major defects are found – is there any recourse against the developer?


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    Hi Jeff

    This is not only normal but a sign that your EC is working properly to look after the building.  There is no new building in Sydmney that doesn't have defects so be happy they are doing something about it.


    By the way, I don't normally do this but Teys Lawyers have been piloting a new scheme that a) gets defects fixed and b) gets it done with the minimum of stress heartache and conflict.

    Once you get setled in, suggest the EC talks to them.



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