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    I have just been transferred from a complex I loved working at because the developer pressured my boss to get rid of me.  Why?  Because the developer may have been doing things he  should not have been and did not like me digging into it.  This relates to visitor parking and the possible misappropriation of these visitor parking spaces as an asset of the developer and not of the owners corporation.

    In addition to that issue handing over of assets to the BMC which were his but because they cost to much money to maintain may have directed the strata manager to hand over to the BMC so forevermore the BMC will have to pay for assets it gets no benefit out of.

    Visitor parking in any complex is limited and highly sort after.  The developer may have included the visitor parking in an agreement with a parking station company.  If correct the developer would have made a very large profit at the expense of the the owners corp.  Because I was asked to check this out with council by an EC that is not controlled by the developer I was transferred  from the complex.

    We are talking sums of over 1M potentially so you can see why he was a bit miffed with me.

    This transfer may affect my career into the future which I find just plain wrong.Cry

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