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    This week I received noticed of our AGM which advised that the meeting would take place on Zoom only.  As I am deaf I asked the Strata Managing agent if closed captions would be provided explaining that I needed the captions to be able ‘hear’ what everyone is saying.

    In face to face meetings I will lip read people and also ask people to repeat themselves if I haven’t heard them properly.  In virtual meetings people have the option to not use their camera which removes the ability to lip read them.

    The Strata Manager has replied saying they have tried to set up closed captions in previous meetings and were unsuccessful in doing so and as a result they would not be providing captions for my Strata AGM meeting.

    Is there a requirement that Strata AGM and SGM virtual meetings are to be accessible to all members of the strata, including the provision of closed captions?  I have suggested using another software such as Microsoft Teams and am waiting to hear their response.


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    There’s nothing in the strata Act about accessibility but there are lots of options.  If Microsoft Teams can do it, then maybe everyone should get on that.

    Do you read Auslan? Perhaps the Owners Corp could hire a signer to be with you during the meeting.  Or maybe a neighbour could just be there with you and repeat everything that’s said.

    If you don’t get anywhere with the strata manager or committee, contact Marrickville Legal Centre – they give strata law advice for the whole of NSW – and they may be able to
    1) Make the committee realise they have to try harder and
    2) offer some workable solutions.

    Click on that link and start filling in their form.


    Thanks for the suggestions Jimmy.  My hearing loss is not profound enough for Auslan so I currently do not use it, it is however bad enough that even with hearing aids I still struggle to hear everything that is said in a conversation – both physical and virtual. I will see what they come back with and will get into contact with the Marrickville Legal Centre if they refuse to do anything.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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