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    Is there a requirement under law for the Executive Committee to distribute Minutes of their meeting to all members.  Does this apply to Strata and Neighbourhood Associations ?

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    Not sure about neighbourhood associations but there is a requirement to distribute minutes to all committee members, plus all owners in a scheme of less than 100 units, or on request by owners in larger schemes.  I’m sure that if you were in a scheme of more that 100 units, you could send a letter asking the secretary and/or strata manager to send you the minute of every meeting henceforward.

    Schedule 2, Item 17 (3) of the Acts says:

    Distribution of minutes and records of motions

    Within 7 days after a meeting of a strata committee or the passing of a resolution by the strata committee, the strata committee must provide copies of the minutes of the meeting or of the resolution in the following manner:

    (a) by giving each member of the strata committee a copy,

    (b) by giving each owner a copy, if the strata scheme is not a large strata scheme (less that 100 units),

    (c) by giving an owner a copy, if the strata scheme is a large strata scheme and the owner requests a copy within the period of 7 days.

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