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    We are a NSW strata of less that 20 lots. Does the OC have to adopt a motion at an AGM or OC meeting to allow electronic voting? I’m referring to email voting in this case – which seems easiest. Or is this a right automatically granted by the law. See below link.

    If voting occurs electronically is a proxy of any form required, I think not as this would limit the voting abilities of remote lot owners as they would be restricted to only being able to vote with a proxy which is counter productive.

    If voting occurs pre meeting by email, who are the emails sent to – are the secretary and the strata manager of the OC one and the same.

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    Yes, you need your OC or committee to pass a resolution to allow electroninic voting and then provide the means to do so (see links below).

    Regarding proxies, you may be confused between the need for an electronic voting form and the fact that you can’t vote electronically in a strata committee election (but you can use a proxy to do so).

    Have a look at Section 14 and Section 15 of the strata regulations.  They should clarify the issues.

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