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    Can you advise if an apartment block is uninhabitable due to defects and is not viable to be fixed, then does this situation supersede the law that owners need to make sure the building is maintained to a certain degree of safety?

    IE: voting on money for ‘remediation’ and being told that money is need as we are liable under strata law to maintain a level of safety otherwise administrators will be issued to us.

    It’s seems like we will be under debt fixing things for the building to be demolished.

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    There are a number of hypotheticals there. For example, has the OC resolved to demolish the building (quite a few hurdles to get through for that)?

    If the building is uninhabitable, are people living in it? If there are known safety issues and they haven’t been rectified, then the OC would likely be liable for any injuries or other losses caused as a result of the issues. It would not be a defence that you intend or propose to demolish the building. This is a separate issue to the OC’s obligations under the Act to maintain the building.


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