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    Flame Tree (Qld)

    We have a bolted on, incompetent committee who the good folks here have now washed their hands of. At the hours long, nil-achieved monthly meetings they drink to excess on the owner’s tab. Last one 3 folk polished off 2 bottles of wine. Having previously served on the committee: trust me, I can understand their need to drink! The tea-totalling new pup wasn’t impressed when everything was discussed and nothing was actioned by the 4 hour mark. So, and seriously, how would you suggest this gets addressed to give owners half a chance of improving the outcomes these folk volunteered to administer?

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    Adopt a set of standing orders that include the line “alcohol may not be consumed until all agenda items have been considered the meeting is declared closed.”  Have the Standing Orders agreed as a by-law at your next AGM.

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    Sir Humphrey

    And how are they “drinking on the owners’ tab”? Is there a line item in the budget for booze?

    Flame Tree (Qld)

    The wine is bought by a committee person by the carton for use here for other social functions such as after the agm. I was told by one that the body corp was good enough to buy this for them. Umm, yeah, i highly doubt that.

    Jimmy, thanks. Along with your suggestion i will seek itsa doption for all meetings effective now. The committee vote for or against will demonstrate their professional motivations i think.

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