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    Our EC has recently voted on a motion for which almost no information was available to the dissenting members. It seems this was done to stifle any debate and especially questions about whether it was legal or not. Unfortunately those in the know wouldnt share the information but as they were more numerous the motion passed.

    I know other owners as a group can vote at an EGM to cancel an EC decision but getting up a sufficient number of interested owners is already a major hurdle.

    Can anything else be done to ensure the information is made available so a vote can be made on its real merits?

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    There is a whole raft of orders you can seek at the tribunal under the NSW strata Act and  most of them require mediation.  That is where you can simply demand that the committee explains its thinking to all owners.  Failing that, you can ask the Tribunal under a section 232 to overurn the decision of the committee.

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