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    Thankyou all for your past help. The next question is a bit of a rant but hopefully will be clear.

    The EC have a habit of agreeing (resolving) to do something (usually despite after much argument and pushback by members who think they know better). The Minutes go out with the decision and then those members who opposed the decision start arguing that it shouldn’t be implemented or really wasn’t intended to be implemented and generally making life difficult.  Often the decision never gets implemented or sometimes the rebel members go off and do the opposite because they think they know better. This then requires a requires a decision to undo which then causes more arguing and pushback and on it goes.

    I know a vote can be put to all owners but frankly most are beyond care or bamboozled and don’t want to be involved. Likewise they are unlikely to vote to remove EC membes or volunteer themselfs so it’s the same bad people year in year out with a couple of good people thrown in who never volunteer again after completing their tour of duty.

    I guess the question is does an EC resolution really need to be implemented? Is there a timeframe before it expires? What can be done about when the opposite of a decision is implemented by rebel members?

    Many of these EC members are rusted on. I know or think we can go to NCAT to get the decision implemented but from what I hear this is a long arduous journey with judges who are bored out of their brain or simply brainless. Many of these decisions are also small in the scheme of things. Think number of garden hoses (or no hoses), whether a chronic carpark squatter should be sent a warning to stop using ther peoples carspaces or even whether an owners meeting should be called. There are of course bigger issues but these go the same way.





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    In this case you need to pick your battles as they say.

    Pick an important issue that was not implemented and go to NCAT. The mere thought that you stand up to the rusted on ones may make them have a rethink.

    Justbsittingnon the sidelines and doing nothing will never change anything.

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