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    We were informed, out of the blue, that the lift company we contract to has submitted a quote, based on the phone in the lift not working, for $3,180 + GST to install some fancy over the top mobile phone setup with cables and conduits the length of the lift shaft, plus new equipment and a mobile phone bill of $420 per annum, all in the name of being “NBN ready”.

    On closer inspection, the phone had been disconnection because the managing agent had forgot to pay the bill. Re-connection fixed the problem.

    But who is running this scam. Yes, the NBN means the copper wire will not work 2 years from now, but it’s a scam, and it is preying on people who just accept quotes and pay through the nose for stuff they do not need.

    Any comments?

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    Which state are you in?

    It sounds like your strata manager/building manager needs to be more proactive. Lift communication systems need to be operational. I wouldn’t call making them operational a “scam”. Get a few quotes together to see if your lift contractor has  reasonable prices.

    If you’re in NSW this is recommended reading:


    “Every lift must have an emergency communication system to enable assistance in the event that passengers are trapped.”


    Appalling –  firstly that the phone service was cut off, and secondly that the SM did not investigate the reason before jumping to conclusions.

    When the time is right for you to look at replacing existing copper service, you will need to do your homework thoroughly. NBN ready lift phones, are ‘new technology’ and there is currently a race on between telcos and lift consultants to get their products out there.

    Our 7 lift scheme in NSW,  has been quoted $9,000-$39,000 to ‘solve’ the problem.

    We are likely going to go with a Telco, who will not only guarantee the stability of the mobile service (which we do not have in our part of Sydney otherwise), but will continuously monitor sim cards, modems and batteries, will be independent of lift contractor, will be 4G compliant and will not touch/add anything to lifts themselves.


    Hi, what do you mean you will go with a telco? Is that an option for lifts? We have one lift and last year were quoted over $4K to “upgrade” wiring etc to get NBN ready. 

    Now the building is finally NBN ready and I suspect that $4K will have increased. 

    Are you saying we have other options, besides the lift company?




    @Melanie said:
    Are you saying we have other options, besides the lift company?

    Have a look at the OCN website – one of their sponsors offers exactly that!


    The flat is in Sydney, NSW, where there is plenty of mobile phone coverage. We got a new manager who makes sure things like the phone bill not being paid don’t happen.

    Meanwhile, the NBN is delayed, due to technical issues. It’s wait and see. We will upgrade the lift phone when it becomes an actual issue, and Telstra says they are going to cut off the copper.


    Yes – you do not have to use your lift company. In our case, we chose Telstra to install a mobile network that covers our 7 lifts and is compliant with all safety/emergency considerations. 

    This followed an OCN sponsor who conducted a series of site inspections and held a tender – at a cost that was very reasonable and which ultimately saved us heaps of angst and money. ($200 per month!)

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