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    Here is an article on installation of electric vehicle charging in an NSW block.
    It is implied that their 7kW charging outlets are part of a networked smart system that would dial back charging to a slower rate, more like an ordinary power point (240V at 10A is 2.4kW), if many cars are plugged in at once. This avoids exceeding the maximum capacity of the building or site but allows charging to speed up from less than 2kW in steps to 7kW as fewer cars are charging.
    This is not inexpensive to set up but results in entirely adequate charging rates and it is nowhere near as expensive as rapid DC chargers such as one might have along a highway, which might not even work on the building’s supply capacity and could be a nuisance if someone parking in the one charging spot can’t be found.
    The question I would have is: This system sounds like it has been set up by a provider who might expect to manage the system for years into the future, handling billing and maintenance for the OC. In the ACT, the Unit Titles (Management) Act prevents an OC from contracting with a service provider for more than 3 years. Is this the same in NSW?

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