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    I live in a block of 40 units, at times while travelling in our lift I have conveyed to our Secretary of our E.C. my concerns about the same cars parking in our 2 car Visitors Only spots.  Minutes of the next by-monthly E.C. Meeting had no mention of what was discussed with me.  Is The Secretary obliged to raise this issue at the E.C. Meeting, or must a complaint be ALWAYS put in writing?  The times I have put it in writing it always comes back saying the problem does not exist, but they will keep an eye on it.

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    To make sure this is discussed, you need to submit a motion for consideration at the next strata committee meeting, preferably accompanied by time stamped or coded pictures, and one for each day that you see them.  If the committee still declines to address the issue, you can take actions against them at NCAT.

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