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    We are investigating putting solar power panels on the roof of a mixed residential commercial building. The formula proposed by the installer for sharing the capital cost amongst the owners will be based on the kilowatt hours allocated to each unit. This of course is different than the usual division amongst unit holders based on square metres.
    Question is this equitable?. Could a unitholder say with 20% of the strata but only 10% of the power requirements say that they are entitled to double the kilowatt hours and be possible for them to sell the unuse power back to the strata or other unit holders?

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    Any capital costs incurred by the OC is always split according to unit entitlements. You don’t even need to do the maths. Just raise a levy for the installation costs and spli5 it the usual way.

    The proposal you have received needs to be thought through. I can see the installer just wants the money for the installation.

    If the OC pays for the installation, they own the generated solar power. The OC can sell it back to the power company but can’t sell it to lot owners ( it’s both a legal and technical thing). The solar power can be used to offset common property power usage, but generally common property power usage is highest at night when the sun don’t shine.

    If an owner pays for the installation in it’s entirety, the that lot owner can sell the solar power back to the electricity company but can’t sell it to other lots or the OC.

    Before you do anything else, engage an electrical engineer to look at your situation and make a recommendation (that  is free of the engineer trying to sell you an installation)

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