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    If an owner (me) asks for specific feedback on a topic which is under discussion and has been on the agenda at a various SC meetings, is the Secretary compelled to provide a detailed update in their response ?

    I have been told twice now, that “I am welcome to attend the next SC Meeting” (which is not physically / logistically possible ) and that the Secretary ” is unable to provide updates to individual owners .”

    Any feedback on how to get more transparency on a matter greatly appreciated.



    Put a politely worded motion to the next Strata Committee meeting that the secretary explain to owners in writing, in a note to go out with the SC minutes,  the current status of the issue, including specifically, the questions you want answered.

    Do not make your motion accusatory or your questions non-specific.  They should be something like:

    1. Have quotes been sought for the work on project X?
    2. Has a preferred operator been decided.
    3. When does the committee expect work on Project X to commence?
    4. When does the committee expect work on Project X to finsh?

    Asking an open-ended question like “What is happening with project X?” will probably get you a non-specific answer like “The project is moving forward satisfactorily”.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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