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    Our Financial returned finished three months ago and the committee is still waiting for the OC Manager to forward the report so the committee can prepare the budget.
    according to their fees the report is part of their annual fee. We have sent letters no reply.
    i note in pass Final Reports are usually standard format.
    As i said it is now three months can the committee requests that ie 2 a and 2 b be itemised these added Extra services and gst highlighted or would they regard that as a extra cost

    appreciate your opinion


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    Hi ElthamOC – Your OC must have its AGM within 15 months of its last AGM.  Your year end date is not really relevant in regards to this.  At the AGM the OC Manager has to present the financial statements of the OC your the year ended 20XX.  If they are not doing this, then your OC is in breach of the OC Act.  Your OC Manager is not in breach but the OC is in breach and this should be a concern to you.  It is your responsibility to appoint an OC Manager that is professional enough to comply with the requirements of the Act and if they are not, then it is your responsibility to replace them.  If there are doubts about the legitimacy of the financial statements you need to request an audit of the financial statements and engage someone like ourselves to undertake the audit. If you need any more info or guidance, at no cost since you’re a FlatChatter, please feel free to get in touch (via “send a message”), I have been auditing OCs since the OC Act came into existence!

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    I noted your reply and good option. Can you recommend any good solicitors in Melbourne as the ICM has no respect to the OC or committee- No use trying vcat be waiting years



    I’m not too genned up on strata lawyers in Victoria but maybe our Vic Flatchatters can assist (By personal message, preferably).


    OK, coronavirus has hit a lot of different people in different ways – but it’s no excuse for a total lack of communication (although some businesses will use it as such).

    How about sending them a letter saying that if you don’t hear back within seven days you will assume you are no longer their clients and can you have your books back please so you can pass them on to another agent?

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