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    We are a block of 25 units on 6 floors with a basement car park and ground floor lobby. The block was built in 1972/3 and has a yearly fire inspection.

    On a recent inspection the inspector mentioned that he was surprised that we didn’t have some form of centralised fire alarm system. All units have the mandatory smoke alarms but there is no central alarm system. For example, if there was a fire on the first floor, there is no way of ensuring that residents on the upper floors can be made aware of the need to evacuate.

    We have had several quotes for the work of installing a system all $20k plus, although expensive not prohibitively so as we are dealing with people’s safety. The main concern is that if we do install a system we will need a DA which in turn could be turned into a full scale installation of sprinklers etc etc. this would far exceed the $20k.

    Where could we seek advice? The SC wants to act responsibility but retrofitting a full sprinkler system could be really expensive.

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