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    I purchased my apartment a year ago.  Last week I was told by a member of our strata committee that the 7 thermal alarms in my unit are not wired correctly and this needs to be fixed at my cost.  Not sure how much it will cost but the strata member told me they will probably have to cut holes in the ceiling.

    I do have a working smoke alarm.

    Is this a strata cost or do I have to pay this?  If I do have to pay can I choose the builder to repair the ceiling?



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    I’ve always thought that smoke alarms that are wired back to a central panel are owners corp responsibility, but you refer to “thermal” alarms. Where did they come from?  And if they’re not owners corp responsibility, the committee can’t really tell you what to do with them (all safety issues aside).

    FYI, Fair Trading’s Common Property memorandum says this, under Owners Corporation responsibilities:

    3(h): smoke detectors whether connected to the fire board in the building or not (and other fire safety equipment subject to the regulations made under Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979)

    So go back to your committee member, and politely ask them how they know your thermal alarms are wired wrongly and where it says that the Owners Corp isn’t responsible for them.

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