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    I feel like I read somewhere that even older buildings need to have the hard -wired fire alarms, proper fire doors etc installed by a certain date.

    Can anyone point me to where that is, or tell me I’m dreaming it all if not?


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    You might be getting confused with the new short-term holiday letting laws (which have not yet come into force).

    But your local council will have it’s own fire safety regulations for apartments which may or may not require hard-wired smoke alarmas, depending on the age and construction materials used in specific blocks.

    All councils will require fire-rated front doors, at the very least.

    AvatarBONNIE L

    Hi there, Thanks very much for all the wise tips.   Have  a quick query please, it’s NSW we’re in.     Wonder if the last message referring to front doors of all units fire proofed,  or the front doors of a whole block?

    Also, don’t know if this is part of the same changes.  Others may know more.  Question is, if it’s front doors of a block that have to have fire doors,  fire brigade will want a key, if have that right?

    Avatarsleepless in strata
    (from NSW)

    Hi Bonnie,
    Front doors to apartments need to be fire rated doors. If you have a security building access can be a problem – you can contact your local brigade and enquire if they will hold a key, however sometimes it is a different brigade that attends.

    Strongly recommend the OCN seminar on Fire Safety in apartment buildings on March 14

    Sign up here – https://www.ocn.org.au/civicrm/event/info%3Fid%3D91%26reset%3D1


    If there is no Fire Indicator Panel (FIP) being monitored with Alarm Signalling Equipment (ASE), keys to access premises are not necessary and will not be accepted by the brigade. Also if you do have the above equipment the choice is entirely the strata committee’s or owner’s Corp, if they want to provide keys to the brigade so they can access the FIP.

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