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    Would you pay someone to assemble your flat-pack furniture? Is a trip to Ikea a big enough dent in an otherwise stress-free weekend without adding searches for lost screws and wondering what the difference between parts A and K really are?

    And then there are the helpful hints from your other half to deal with. Over 50 percent of Australians …

    AvatarDavid Ng

    I have totally failed at putting ‘flat-pack’ stuff together.

    My most recent and final failure was the Aldi washing machine base unit. I spent many, many hours trying to work out how to put it together and eventually gave up. Thank goodness for Aldi’s return policy.

    Now I’ll only buy fully assembled furniture and save my sanity.

    As for arguing, well as a single person it’s just me to argue with.


    I have better things to do than assemble furniture, I always pay someone to do it, just like I pay others to do things like cleaning the windows. Airtasker is a great place to find people who will do all sorts of jobs you don’t want to do. (no I am in no way affiliated with them)


    I have always paid someone to assemble flat pack furniture, and I fully endorse Airtasker as it costs very little and they have the tools to  do it very  quickly and efficiently.   Only once did i diy with  a shelving unit and ended up  running down the highway screaming.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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