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    Regarding the Podcast, I have England family as well and have been comparing covid stats all year – I basically came to the same conclusion as you except I started trying to incorporate a density (of people) factor. Much trickier of course. In England you can nominate a specific post code like NE15 for example to identify specific area covid cases (although sometimes you may require the whole 8 digits eg NE15 xxxx). Leads to a lot of research.
    re density – popn of england and uk = 67million (that cant be right??), popn of london = 9.5 million, popn of newcastle uk = 453,000, popn of nsw = 8.2 million. Now I need sq kms of each to get popn density. Of course I am totally discounting high rise variance in all this.
    Now where is my spreadsheet…….. then again how trust worthy are these source online stats I am using.

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    According to the World Atlas, Australia has the 30th most urbanised population in the world, with 89 per cent of our population living in urban areas.  The UK has the 50th most urbanised population with 83 per cent of Brits living in towns and cities.

    It’s not just a question of population density over the whole land mass. For the purposes of covid comparisons, it must be how many of us live closely together.

    It would seem we have the potential to be much more up close and personal than our UK cousins.

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