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    The Strata Committee has pushed through work on the gardens which includes the council-approved removal of a tree, installing garden beds and the laying of new turf at a cost of over $8000 to the Owners Corporation. The Strata Manager and the SC argue that this is garden maintenance and is not an alteration to common property. I think it is an alteration and therefore should have been discussed as a special resolution either at the AGM or at an EGM. If my view is correct, what action can I take given that the garden work is now well underway? Thanks.

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    You don’t say what was there before, so it is difficult to say. For example if a concrete area was being ripped up and replace with garden beds then I think there is an argument it is a change of common property. If it is an existing garden area that is being fixed up, that’s a harder call.

    As Kaindub says, if the work is well underway what are you hoping to achieve? Did you want them to reverse the work that has been done, incurring more expense? This is bearing in mind they can’t put back the tree?


    So what do you want to achieve?

    If the work is underway then the OC will have to pay the contractor what has already been completed, and maybe additional costs for cancellation of a contract.

    So where is the saving?

    How do other owners feel about the situation? If you are the only voice out there, then any meeting will be pointless if you can’t get a majority of owners to align with your view and vote on a motion. ( I’m not specifying a motion, that’s for you to decide what action you want to propose).

    I always think that beautification work around a building adds value to the property.

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